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Justin Bieber Hair 2012

Now Justin gets a new look! Just days after Selena Gomez debuts blue locks, Bieber hits the bottle to dye his hair darker

Justin Bieber Hair 2012

Justin Bieber Hairstyle

Justin Bieber Hair

His hair has literally been his crowning glory since he first hit the charts back in 2009.

But now, just a few days after wowing fans by bringing back his famous 'do, Justin Bieber has hit the bottle to get darker locks.

The 17-year-old singer debuted his new look as he was seen leaving a friend's house with girlfriend Selena Gomez after watching the Green Bay Packers NFL game in Sherman Oaks, California.

Bieber's hair looked significantly darker next to his bright yellow T-shirt, which he teamed with baggy jeans and a pair of blue trainers.

And the singer's change in appearance came a week after girlfriend Selena showed off her hair after getting the ends dyed blue.

Selena wore a pair of skinny jeans, white vest top and patterned cardigan as she enjoyed spending time with her beau at the friend's house.

Meanwhile, despite the colour of his hair changing, it seems that Bieber has opted to keep his lengthier locks, sticking to the look he became famous with.

Bieber had appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week showing off locks which looked back to their original style.

The Baby singer broke hearts when he made the decision to get rid of his long locks in February last year.

The unpopular choice initially cost him 80,000 followers (hardly a dent in his 16.4million) on Twitter.

But some good came of it, with thousands raised for charity thanks to an eBay auction of some of the snipped locks.

When grilled on his dramatic decision at the time, he explained: 'I just wanted to, that’s all, not really a big reason; I just woke up and said, "I don’t want this any more", so I just cut it.’

Over the last year, he has tried out a number of styles, from a short Tintin-style flick, to a tousled 'do.

Today Selena not only showed off her colourful streaks in her hair but also snapped a cute moment with her dog Baylor.

The singer tweeted the pic and told fans: 'A mans best friend? More like a girls best friend.'

Justin Bieber Hair jay leno show 2012

Justin Bieber Hair cut 2012

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Show Off New Dos

Does the couple that style together, stay together? That may be the case for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who each debuted new hairstyles on Wednesday.

Bieber popped by the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where he was on hand to help unveil the TOSY mROBO Robot. There, he brought back his famous swoop hairstyle — a big change from the more sophisticated look he’d been working these past few months. (Justin Timberlake was at CES earlier this week, and showed off a new look of his own: major facial scruff.)

Meanwhile, Bieber’s main squeeze spent her Wednesday at the Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, where she added colorful Great Lengths 3-D extensions in sapphire and amethyst to her hair. “Change is good,” she Tweeted, along with a picture of her new look. Lauren Conrad and Kate Bosworth have also tried the edgy trend — though actually dyed their hair to attain the multicolor effect.

So, what do you think? Do you like the return of the Bieber swoop? Is Gomez’s look so cute or so over? And do you think they coordinated their hair appointments? Tell us: What do you think of Bieber and Gomez’s new hairstyles?


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